Irish (Gaeilge in Irish)

Irish (Gaeilge in Irish), also known as Gaelic, is spoken in Ireland by about 140,000 speakers on a daily basis. It is mainly spoken in the counties Galway, Kerry, Cork and Donegal.

アイルランド語は,(アイルランド)ゲール語の名前でも知られるアイルランドの国語です.アイルランド語が日常的に話される地域(ゲールタハト Gaeltacht)では,14万人ほどの人によって日常的に話されています.

This database contains recordings of a list of sentences in Irish.

  • All files are annotated at the word level.
  • All samples below are for illustrative purposes.
  • Original recordings that are availableupon request are in 16bit and 44.1KHz. [Audio Request Form]
ICULD ID Categories Size Duration (approximate) Description Last modified
0026 Irish: collected in the USA (audio) 239.4 MB 61 mins Audio 2021.3.1
Irish: collected in the USA (plots and metadata) 318.6 MB - Text, Plots 2021.3.1
0027 Irish: collected in Ireland (audio) 544.1 MB 153.8 mins Audio 2021.3.1
Irish: collected in Ireland (plots and metadata) 673.8 MB - Text, Plots 2021.3.1


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